Here you can find a list of the 3171 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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William Kan (he/his/him)

I am a life-long learner, continually applying new technologies and programming tools so that I can enhance my capabilities as a developer and aspire to provide support for front- and back-end innovative solutions.

Jon H

I've been in software for 22 years. I've done mentoring professionally and also outside of work. I mostly do enterprise PHP but I can Duck-Duck pretty much anything. My backend TypeScript is alright too. Happy to help eager tech learners!

Skills: php javascript TypeScript docker Ci/CD Test Automation TDD Unit Testing Browser Testing

Felipe Goncalves

It's a really good place to learn and improve your skills.

Skills: javascript python

Kabilan Thayaparan (he/him)

I have done some python programming to create data pipelines in my previous role, but I am applying to be a coach to help out in the session, that is in Incubeta.

Egor Howell (he)

I am a Data Scientist with 2 years of experience in Insurance and E-commerce. I post about data science on my blog and YouTube channel. Having experienced the challenges of getting into tech, Codebar will allow me to help those trying to break through!

Skills: python machine learning data science forecasting SQL optimisation

Ethan Potter (he/him)

I'm a data scientist that has specialized in forecasting for the last 3 years, the vast majority of my work is done in Python. I have a strong familiarity with shipping production ready algorithms that are used by the company on a day-to-day basis.

Skills: python Data DataScience forecasting

Neal Patel

Experienced senior data analyst specialising in: SQL (databricks, Google big query, Redshift) Data visualisation (Databricks, Tableau, Periscope,SIFT) DBT

Alexander Steenson

I am a data scientist at Gousto and I've been working as a data scientist for the past 4 years. I have a masters in computer science and learnt a variety of languages there but mostly Java. I now mostly work in Python

Alex Jahraus (he/him)

I’m a Ruby on Rails / backend developer at I enjoy both teaching and learning very much. Previous coaching experiences include RailsGirls and

Skills: ruby javascript html css Git

Rafael Ferreira (he/him)

It is my first time being a coach here and I'm quite excited to participate and meet new people. I'm a techie, I've had the chance to work in a variety of domains and technologies and excited to share that with more people.

Alice Lieutier

I am a software engineer at Facebook. I really like to share my experiences and help out beginners to show them that code can be easy and highly rewarding. On the tech side, I really like to work with web technologies (HTML/CSS/JS) and Python.

Tomasz Wegrzanowski

I make awesome things for fun.

Skills: everything

Oliver Turner (he/him)

I switched careers to webdev when I was nearly 30. Self-taught, I *wish* something like Codebar had existed back then! Love helping folks to learn, mad keen on JavaScript/Node and CSS.

Skills: html javascript React css sass node

Ju Liu (he/him)

Italian. Learning English @noredink. I like Elixir, Ruby, JavaScript and Machine Learning. I climb a lot.

Skills: ruby javascript css html bash Git Elixir Elm vim web rails

Paolo Fabbri (He/Him)

I'm here to coach and chew bubblegum and I'm all out of bubblegum

Skills: Ruby on Rails ruby Azure java kotlin AWS Linux TypeScript node JS SQL

Gareth Weaver

I'm a frontend engineer with over 12 years commercial experience.

Skills: React javascript node jQuery sass css HAML Git Gatsby Next ES6 Astro html

Jamie Brown (He/Him)

Senior software engineer working at The Financial Times.

Jeremy Keith (he/him/they)

I like to teach HTML and CSS.

Skills: html css javascript

Louie Christie (he/him)

Software developer. Computer science graduate. Web development bootcamp graduate. Experienced in coaching junior developers at work, and coaching children in youth clubs and summer camps. Experienced at public speaking, in stand-up comedy clubs mostly.

Skills: javascript React Native React css TypeScript ruby

Elizabeth Caney

I play guitar

Rory Aitchison (They)

Developer with 5 years experience

Khalid .

I am a long-term hobbyist, Ex-Software Engineer at a FAANG company, Recurse Center Alumni (Fall, 2015). I took a sabbatical for personal development and travelling. I'd love to help to mentor in order to give back to the community.

Skills: Full-Stack JavaScript functional programming Game Development java python distributed systems

Gonçalo Morais (he/him)

I can help with front end (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) and full stack (in Ruby on Rails), but I’m happy to pair on other things as well!

Skills: javascript html css ruby

Kelvin Gan

I'm a dev Chinese dad of two wonderful girls, so codebar is a strong cause for me. I miss running my Code Club since starting work at GOV.UK. Helping others to learn to code is an awesome thing I want to do more of!

Jonathan Kerr (he/him)

I've a dev and I work for the government. I write mostly in Python

Skills: python SQL sqlalchemy Flask

Yekaterina Biryukova (she/her)

Software Engineer, ex Codebar student

Skills: javascript jQuery html css c# .NET problem solving interview prep

Xavier Vergés (he/him)

25+ years at IBM. Now at StreamSets. I like Python, node.js and teaching.

Skills: python node.js Git

Sandy McMillan (he/him)

I'm currently a Senior Developer at AND Digital. Previously I was a Senior Instructor at CodeClan

Skills: ruby javascript c c++ c# java SQL

Amy Morrison (She/her)

React developer, love javascript :) and UX

Peter Trizuliak (He)

Happy to help with JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS or Node.js

Skills: javascript React html css node.js

Femke Bolle (she/her/they)

I have 5 years of experience working as a data scientist in cyber security

Skills: python data science machine learning statistics R

Rachel Franklin

Frontend Developer, with 5 years of experience

Skills: html css javascript GraphQL Styled Components

Anca Gabriela Munteanu (she)

I am a software developer.

Skills: java javascript MySql c

Bruno Girin (he/him)

I've been coding for 25 years with a variety of technologies. I'm currently working with Node.js and Python and I have experience with Java, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and APIs.

Skills: java python html css bash API SQL javascript node.js svg Git Continuous Integration

Sophie Mann (They/She)

Full stack Ruby and React

Chris Lloyd (he/him)

I'm a PHP + JavaScript web developer, and I like helping people learn how to do things.

Skills: html css php React TailwindCSS laravel javascript nodejs Git

Dean Richer

I want to help people to learn how to code. I work as a front-end/dev-ops developer in London.

Sunali Seth (she/her)

Working for Lego Inc as a Developer for 4 years using ReactJS, Javascript, AWS and GraphQL.

Skills: ReactJS Git GraphQL javascript css debugging

Rado Kosiada (he)

Learning and practicing JS, HTML, CSS. Coworking with other developers, exchanging experience and knowledge, tutor less experience coding newbies.

Darren Vong (he/him)

I am interested to sign up as a coach, having taught w/ similar initiatives like Code First: Girls. I remember how tricky it felt when I first started learning to code, now that I know a bit more about coding myself, I'd like to help others to do the same

Skills: javascript python React

Maduri Vassaramo (She)

Full-stack developer at Vinterior

Skills: ruby rails javascript React

Craig Richardson (he/him)

I'm a Senior Tech Lead working with Python and Django

Skills: python django

Mabel Li (She/her)

I am a Ruby developer with some knowledge of Python and PHP

Skills: ruby python

Alistair Kane

I am currently a technical assistant at CodeClan in Glasgow. Happy to help with anything.

Jorge Vas (he/him/his)

Senior Engineering Manager, creative and detail-oriented. Geek. I fix things that aren't broken.

Deniss Starevics

Software engineer / cloud developer. Interested in coaching others and giving back to community

Skills: python version control HTML/CSS javascript SQL AWS Cloud devops

Charlie Strange (He/Him/They)

Having had experience in IT at many levels, I'm currently settled in web development (PHP/JS) in the Tech-for-Good sector. I'd like a crack at supporting and assisting new coders.

Skills: PHP (Laravel) SQL JS (ReactJS Vue.JS) sysadmin Agile development

Milo Jones (they/them)

Software Engineer in Edinburgh

Skills: Front-end React TypeScript html css

Rupert Redington (he/his/they)

I've taught some javascript in the past and am comfortable with it.

Skills: html HTTP javascript Next.js github actions GraphQL

Renata Svaboviciute

I'm a Javascript developer and I'd like to help others who are just starting out their coding journey.

Skills: javascript React TypeScript html css

Alex Nicol (He/His)

I'm a developer with about 10 years of experience. I'm French but been in Brighton for 8 years. I'm most comfortable in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Elm and Python. I've also been mentoring and coaching developers as part of my roles.

Rose Bonner (she/her)

We developer at Neontribe

Skills: html css React javascript TypeScript Git

Monica Mateiu (she)

I graduated Codeclan in early 2019 and now I’m a full-stack Rails developer working for Shopify.

Skills: rails React javascript html accessibility

Joko Sanyang (she/her)

Front end developer. Founders and Coders grad.

Skills: html css javascript React PostgreSQL Redux

Pavel Isaev

I like to teach coding in different formats. I've been teaching Python at university and at Django-girls in Helsinki. Codebar seems like another great opportunity to help people with coding.

Deepa Madheswaran (she)

I'm a front end developer with experience in HTML, CSS, Angular JS and vue.js.

Skills: html css angular JS vue.js javascript

Deniss Starevics

Passionate about programming!

Robert Siemieniec (he/him)

I'm a coach in various server-side programming languages. Mostly focusing on Ruby, Rust, Clojure and Python. I've been coaching and organising workshops regularly for the last 6 years.

Skills: ruby RoR python clojure JS

Teemu Leivo (He)

I'm working as a software engineer with a variety of technologies. For example C#, Java, Scala, Python, HTML and Javascript.

Fang Matchima (she)

I'm a software engineer with experience in Angular, Java, and iOS Development, which is my current role. I want to work at codebar because I enjoy teaching people and inspire them about what they can create and when they feel empowered.

Skills: iOS (Swift) TypeScript Angular java python css javascript

Luke Mengell

I have been working in the software industry for just over half a decade. Hobbies include guitar/music in general, badminton, running and psychology.

Skills: c# Angular TypeScript html css

Karl Xu (He)

I'm a DevOps Engineer. Wanna know Codebar learning environment a bit.

Kas Fijolek (she/her)

Help out other people learning to code

Willem Taylor

Javascript, react.js, front-end developer

Kiri Egington (She/her)

I am a front end engineer and would like the opportunity to give back to the tech community by helping minority groups get started. would love to get involved with any remote events, or events near me.

Skills: React accessibility css scss Redux javascript html

Francesco Figari (he/him)

I've worked as a tutor and volunteered on web support forums, and I enjoy explaining coding and writing docs. With a workshop coming up at my workplace, it was time to sign up! I've worked on the web for 15yrs, and I'm comfortable with js/css/html/php/...

Karim Rivera (she/her)

If there is anyone who needs help with R, I am happy to help

Tom Wyllie (He / Him)

Software developer and enthusiast, information engineer, love learning and helping others learn.

Skills: python javascript css html data science machine learning java rust ai speech / music signal processing

Charles Kettell (him/he)

I would like to coach at Codebar. I have been at Makers Academy for 10 weeks and would like to practice teaching what I've learnt. This includes some Ruby, JS and design patterns such as MVC.

Tristan Roddis (he)

Happy to coach intermediate or beginner level Python, PHP (and Scratch!), as well as beginner level HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Git. Also got recent experience with Drupal, Laravel, Linux, Solr, Elasticsearch, Amazon Web Services if any of that helps.

Skills: python php Drupal

Tom Lawrence (He)

I am a backend Ruby developer. Interested in helping people with Ruby or JavaScript

Atanas Kozarev (he/his)

I used to give private lessons in programming for 1st year Business students who had a compulsory programming module that was difficult to pass, it was a fun way to practice. CYF:

Skills: listening being patient algorithms programming fundamentals coding basics coding fundamentals pseudo code data structures

Lang Xie (she)

I was a major in European Politics and has no previous experience with computer science at all. I started to teach myself to code from last November and I am very interested in front-end development. I wish to learn about side technologies, such as debug

Ben Butterworth (he/him)

NOT good at leetcode or interview questions. Capable of helping with practical projects, including Typescript, React, Node, relational databases, Kubernetes. Previously worked with Python, Flutter, Android, iOS, C++, Java.

Skills: node TypeScript React sqlite postgres kubernetes

Matthew Williams (he)

I'm mostly interested in helping others learn. I've coded in Java, Kotlin, Javascript, Python, Ruby... the list goes on. Currently most fluent with Typescript and happy to do anything from DBs to CSS.

Skills: javascript TypeScript python ruby html css SQL postgres sqlite Figma

Simon Lawrence

I'm a senior .net full stack developer. Happy to help with anything related to my skills list! Feel free to drop me a message on the slack channel.

Skills: .NET javascript TypeScript c# aurelia html css BDD SpecFlow

John Foster (He/Him)

JS Developer

Skills: html javascript Next.js css (& tailwind)

Robert Woolley (he)

Ruby, Javascript. I'm working for a little startup where I'm the tech lead. I'm aged 50 and have switched career from transport. My coding skills are at the junior developer level but I'm learning fast.

Skills: ruby javascript project management finance leadership

Kamila M Lewicka (She)

Work as front end Vue developer

Skills: vue.js html css tailwind

Carla Agulló (she/her)

Developer at Dexma Energy Intelligence

Skills: java TypeScript React javascript python

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