Here you can find a list of the 3171 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Gilat Blumberger (She)

I’m a young developer, with 6 months of experience with the JS ecosystem. I like working with react, mongo and express mainly.

Brendan McCollam (He)

I'm curious about getting involved at Codebar as a coach. I've been a software developer for ten years now, and I've taught courses at Code First:Girls in London and Artifice, an after school club in Chicago.

Skills: python PostgreSQL Go basic HTML/CSS/JS

Sylvain Auguy (he/him)

I am a full-stack web developer. I can help with web development, with Ruby / Rails, JavaScript, Scala.

Skills: ruby Ruby on Rails javascript Scala

Sorin Sbarnea

Software Engineer passionate about open-source, with a big interest around Python ecosystem and Ansible.

Skills: python Ansible devops github actions Ci/CD

Kat Kmiotek (she/her)

Work as automation engineer mainly with selenium, java. Graduated from coding bootcamp

Skills: Vue html css React java JS Git SQL nosql basic python ruby

Jeeann Kim

Hiya! I'm a Front-end Developer and a web development instructor in London. I love free cold pizza and warm beer from events🤌🏻. Looking forward to meeting new people and sharing ideas. See you soon! 🦕

Skills: javascript React.js TypeScript SQL Git html css

Margarita Kopniczky (she/her)

I have only participated as a coach once at one of the codebars hosted at Google a while ago. Going to the Code First: Girls course was really important in my career journey and now it is time for me to give back to the community. Looking forward to this!

Matt Warnock (They/them)

I'm a Junior Developer consultant I'm more proficient in dynamic languages I do enjoy CSS (though not an expert) JavaScript was my first language, then Ruby after that, recently doing Java and Python. I practice TDD (both classic & Outside-in).

Skills: ruby javascript html css SQL Git some command line java React python TDD Outside-in TDD SOLID

Nick Ridgway (He/Him)

I am a Generalist programmer currently working in the games industry as a Build Engineer. I like learning programming languages that teach me something new. Recently I have worked in Rust, C#, Groovy, Python, Java, Javascript, C++, Batch, SQL, and more.

Pedro Brochado

I'm a Senior Software Engineer ad Gousto and I'm happy in helping others in general :) I'm a full stack developer for a few years now, and I'm comfortable on several programming languages, frameworks, methodologies... More than glad to share.

Skills: Go ruby python React Vue Angular AWS nodejs javascript TDD SQL

Alexandra Ross (she/her)

Hi there! I'm a data engineer with a passion for helping others learn. I switched to tech after working in museums and charities and received amazing support along the way. Now, I want to pay it forward by helping new learners break into the industry.

Skills: python version control Linux Bash Scripting AWS pandas

Kitty van der Gijp (she/her)

Javascript, react, spa

Tim Bray (him/his)

I'm a software developer with 32 years experience. My favourite language is python, but I also code a lot in php. I used to in person mentor at codeup. I always found that a good experience and the students always had amazing questions.

Skills: python php MySql mariadb html css bgp4 Linux

Richard Barton (he/him)

I want to help others access the support and opportunities I had before starting my IT career. I've coached school age kids on Python and Scratch and work colleagues on HTML/CSS/Javascript.

Skills: Day job: digital public services and agile development Side projects: browser-based tools LED displays

Sandra Spighel (she/her/hers)

Graduated from General Assembly's Software Engineering Immersive Bootcamp and working as Junior Software Engineer for a SaaS startup. Learning to code has changed my life and I am excited to share my knowledge with other people.

Skills: html css javascript

Jonny Tsang (they)

I did a PhD in physics, using simulations to study the flow behaviour of granular materials. I'm now a data engineer and am responsible for maintaining a pipeline of tools for machine learning applications. In my spare time, I'm a tutor and a musician.

Skills: python Matlab math Physics javascript

Naima Osman (She/her)

A junior dev who recently completed the Makers bootcamp and now I am interested in couching/mentoring people who are just starting their coding journey or those interested in a career in tech but don't know how to go about it.

Skills: ruby python javascript

Ash Oldershaw (he/him)

I work for a solar power company on their monitoring platform as well as their planning system. Mainly using Django!

Skills: python javascript TypeScript React django SQL

Jake Mckenna (he/him)

I'd like to help more people learn to code and to get into coding.

Skills: c# SQL Azure agile Scrum intermediate Typescript intermediate JavaScript html css intermediate Python React Native intermediate React dotnet core .NET

Olivier Philippon (He/him)

I’ve been a web developer for 20+ years, and I like mentoring. Years ago, I worked as a Web development teacher for 4 months. In Edinburgh I created the Cafe Coding meetup, teaching people the basics of coding in a 2 hour session.

Skills: python javascript React HTML/CSS SQL

Timo Sand (He/him)

I've been coaching with Nodeschool Helsinki for a few years, as well as Rails Young people Helsinki and Code Curious Berlin a few times. I want to improve the distribution of different kind of people in the tech scene.

Skills: Software Development hiring/interviewing people management consulting (software) leadership Infrastructure as Code Ci/CD TypeScript javascript node.js

Marta Dabrowka (she/her)

I did CodeClan over three years ago and I'd love to give back to the community. I'm predominantly a web developer with experience in React/Gatsby/Rails/Node, so these are the areas I'd like to work on.

Dáre Soniran

i want to improve my data engineering and machine learning experience. i have completed exploratory data analysis and visualisations. I am aiming to find a job with my growing tech skills so would love any opportunity to be able to demonstrate it.

Hieu Cao

I would like to learn more and coach others to learn. Coding can be intimidating and having someone to ask for guidance always helps with the process. I have been working as a Software Developer for 4 years.

Skills: javascript TypeScript php node.js MySql RabbitMQ

Florian Panchout (he/him)

I mostly work on front-end tech (javascript, html, css) and love to teach others. Here is my linkedin for more info:

Rares Matei (he/him)

I'd like to support the community in Scotland. I've helped organise before, as an instructor. I also run some of the GlasgowJS meetups and I create lessons on

Alvis Kalarikkan (He/Him)

I am Junior front end developer, I would love to give back and teach react, typescript.

Angus Pettifer (he/him)

I am a Python engineer designing data pipelines for a behavioural analytics start-up. I like solving fun problems and I like helping people solve problems. The most interesting questions come from people who feel safe to ask the "stupid" question.

Elias Neuman (he/him/his)

First time at codebar, Anca told me about this event, sounds cool, I'm here to help

Manssif Boutebina (he)

I've been a Software Devloper for 3 years and since that time I've been developing web application and mobile cross-platform applications.

Skills: JS php Next.js React.js laravel docker c++

Suse Graham (she/her)

FE development I've worked as a FE developer for the past 6 years. I worked with: React - Vue - JavaScript & TypeScript - CSS - HTML

Joshua Mo (He/him)

Hey there! I have knowledge of React/MERN stack, Typescript and Rust. I also contribute to an open source project called Shuttle.

Zan Zver

Python is my go-to language. I do have industry and uni experience with it. In uni, I have 2+ years of demonstrating experience, helping beginners with Python, algorithms, etc...

Skills: python c# java SQL Linux Git AWS nosql docker MongoDB ml DL

Juliana Nocchi Dobal (she/her)

Full-stack junior developer.

Skills: Basic Ruby and JavaScript

Tom Mclaughlin

Interest in teaching across the full stack. Previous experience with CodeFirst:Girls. Working as full-stack engineer currently

Patty O'Callaghan (she)

I can help as a coach :)

Skills: javascript html css php tensorflow.js python SQL Drupal laravel React machine learning Artificial Intelligence

Dayo Akinsola (he/him)

I am currently working as a Junior Software Developer on Global's Early Careers Programme (a job I found through codebar festival).

Mike GM1WKR (him/he)

CodeClan, ex-ITU nurse. Junior Dev with University of Aberdeen. Enjoy working with beginners. Experienced with Raspberry Pi and microcontrollers, AX25 radio networking, Linux, basic server admin.

Skills: python javascript java php html css React

Neil Hawkins (he)

I work at Cogapp. I am open to helping with most languages.

Skills: javascript React python AWS Git

Sem Gebresilassie (He/Him)

Teach, discuss and learn the basics of Fullstack development.

Skills: TypeScript javascript nodejs php frontend backend SQL

Jonay Pelluz

I am a full stack developer, I like teaching new recruits :-)

Hai Nguyen

I'd like to do all stuffs data related

Skills: python java machine learning data science data wrangling

Harpreet Dhanda (She)

First time attending so quite opened minded

Abdirizak Obsiye

I'm Abdi. Developer at the Ministry of Justice and I have written in Ruby on Rails, Python and so on. I started as an IT apprentice and now a Dev. We hosted Codebar at the Ministry of Justice and I was one of the hosts and coaches. I found it rewarding.

Doro Hinrichs (she/her)

Associate Developer at Scott Logic with a passion for frontend design and accessibility

Skills: html css TypeScript javascript React accessibility java python

Danny Currie (he/him)

I'm a Technical Lead, working mainly on Frontend (JavaScript, TypeScript etc.), and also run my company's Graduate Software Engineering programme, so always looking to meet and work with new developers!

Ghazian Azfar

Hey, I'm a Software Engineer with a Computer Science degree and started working in the industry about 2 years ago. I was a teaching assistant during my undergrad and master's so I love teaching others in a very intuitive and visual way!

Gabriel Martínez Matínez (he/his)

I'm a junior full stack developer!

Skills: ruby rubyonrails rails javascript html css

Alfie Lamerton (He/Him)

I would like to help those interested in the tech field as a coach, but I'm open to suggestions for how I could help. I'm a 4th year Computer Science student at UWE, with experience in tutoring and software engineering.

Skills: backend Front End python java javascript TypeScript c React AWS Tutoring

Jack Joynson (he/him)

Happy to get stuck into anything! Primary: Javascript, Node, Typescript, CI/CD, Github actions, AWS, Azure, Bash/Sh scripting. Secondary: React, HTML, CSS, GCP, Docker, Terraform, Kubernetes, C# .NET, Jenkins.

Sierra Brader (she)

I'd enjoy helping people learn to code in my free time (in EN or ES). I work in the data science/engineering field, previously in software engineering. I also worked as a teaching assistant and gave private lessons to a colleague's daughter.

Skills: python SQL some JavaScript & PHP basic HTML & CSS

Ewan Huntesmith-Dimchenko (he)

Self taught, thanks to Codebar. Worked as a full stack, currently I'm a test engineer. Python >Javascript >Bash>C#(. On spectrum (ASD) & have ADHD

Adam Jenkin (He/him)

I'm a technical director at Zone Digital and have a background in web and database development. I started as an apprentice and would like to help support and guide others in coding and digital careers.

Skills: c# .NET SQL javascript python

Milcho Milchev (He/him)

Hey! I’ve been a video game developer for 10 years. Apart from that I recently started learning to be a full stack dev with React+Typescript+Golang

Skills: c++ c# Unreal Engine TypeScript React golang

Nikhil Palavalasa (He,him)

I am a software programmer with a decade of experience as a Backend engineer & Full stack developer. I enjoy sharing my knowledge & experiences with other programmers & learn about their own experiences.

Omar Ali (He)

Software Engineer with Infinity Works. Hoping to help out on the night if needed.

Aly Said

I would like to help educate/coach. I have tutored some introduction to programming and programming language courses when I was at University and have done 8+ years of professional software development since then.

Luke T (He/Him)

I'd like to help out with local coding worshops. I have worked as a programmer for many years and have good all-round experience in lots of different languages and technical areas. I've also helped with coaching as a member of other organisations.

Emilio de la Torre (he/him)

I've done backend work with Node.js and GCP/AWS. I've done more frontend work recently, using mostly React. I'll be happy to work on any of those

Tanika Robinson (she/her)

I completed a full stack course with CodeYourFuture and I am now working with Financial Times as a Full Stack Engineer. I can work with students to help them understand the basics of HTM, CSS and Javascript.

Andy Little

Hello, previously a musician, I have recently made the transition to tech myself. I spent half a year as an engineer at before joining the FT last May where I have been very content. I enjoying both the work and the lovely people here.

Skills: node React AWS GraphQL css

Jack McBride (He/Him)

I work at Ghyston, Codebar is one of our chosen charities. I would like to teach programming . I have a real passion for front-end development (React, JS/TS) and would like to spread this to others.

Skills: javascript TypeScript JSX html css tailwind React Next.js GraphQL node.js

Archit Sharma (he/him)

I have been a software developer at Ghyston for over a year after studying Electrical Engineering at university

Nate Payne (he/him)

I would like to pass my knowledge on to people who are looking to pursue a career in tech. I have been working as a developer for about 1 1/2 years and really enjoy helping people to acquire new skills.

Jakub Janarek (he/him)

I am a senior software and tech lead at Lyst. I want to give back to the community.

Skills: python django React nodejs TypeScript bash Go

Christy Campbell (he/him)

Coaching and mentoring. Engineering manager now but was primarily a java dev, work on a bit of typescript/infra as code stuff now

Qumber Hussain

Hello! I am Qumber I am a full-stack dev working in the industry for the last several year. My work is based in London, I've worked on a range of projects and products all involving HTML/CSS and JS. Qumber

Skills: javascript TypeScript html css React

Dan Saunders (He/Him)

Data scientist at Ripjar, incorporating modern data science into our products in an explainable manner. Have worked in crime intelligence, mobile gaming, as well as academia, including at CERN to PhD. Being gay, eager to learn about codebar.

Fran Pavelić (he/him)

I've been mentoring for a while at my job and feel like coaching people more outside of work, after my experience at one of the events hosted at my job.

Skills: python Ansible golang bash devops SQL MySql Linux terraform zfs

Lydia Ntafa (She/Her)

I got a BSc in Computer Science in 2012. I am a Maker's Academy alumna and looking to get my first role as a developer in the UK. In the meantime, would love to be able to coach new students and help them with their first steps of this journey.

John Baxter (he/him)

I have ~1 year of commercial experience; I'm most fluent in Python. In the past I have completed Makers Academy bootcamp, had temporary (short-term) employment at Funding Circle and am now working at AND Digital.

Skills: python SQL ruby

Alessia Calafiore

I am lecturer in urban data science and work with R on a daily basis. I am specialised on dealing with spatial data spanning analysis and visualisation/mapping. I also developed an R package to interact with the Consumer Data Research Centre API.

Kieran Marron (He/him)

I've worked in various roles up to VP of engineering. I enjoy encouraging people to explore and solve problems and owning the solutions they build.

Skills: dotNET c# PowerShell Technical Design leadership

Charlotte Desvages (she/her)

I got into coding through academic research, coding simulations of musical instruments. I'm now a lecturer - my day job is teaching Python to maths students (which I love!)

Skills: python numpy scipy pandas seaborn matplotlib Matlab Git github

Mouaad Aallam (he/him)

Senior Software Engineer and passionate about tech!

Jason Margolin (He)

I have been coding since 2003 mainly web dev and infra backend systems. I currently work at Facebook.

Skills: javascript python MySql node.js docker

Yuri Tománek (He/Him)

I currently work at Wonderbly as a Tech Lead. I've been involved in software engineering since around 2004, mainly focusing on Ruby. I have professional experience with Ruby, Objective C, Swift and Go.

Skills: ruby rails Objective-C Go devops Engineering Managment interview preparation Composing

Sreekanth Rajan (He/him)

I am happy to assist for help on Python, C++, Linux or BASH shell scripting. I am primarily a C++ engineer with around 15+ years of experience. I do not have experience or knowledge in front end technologies or JavaScript or Ruby.

Skills: c++ python bash

Michele L

Sharing engineering knowledge is the path of growth.

Bertrand Denoix (he/him)

Retired software architect/developer, and part-time programming teacher. Can do workshop or remote mentoring.

Skills: python java Linux bash Gimp Git c javascript regex SQL software engineering

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