Here you can find a list of the 3171 volunteers who have coached at codebar.

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Mariana Lozynska (she/her)

I am a junior developer, in the past I did html, css and JavaScript. I want to work in these areas on codebar.

Dylan Tientcheu

Software engineer, proficient with Vue, React, Angular, Node, Typescript, Python, GoLang, Cloud and DevOps.

Frantisek Zacek

Senior dev for IMG Arena

Almu Iturgoyen (She/her)

JavaScript, React, TypeScript, Node, ApolloClient, GraphQL

Joshua Davies (He/Him)

For the past 20 years, I've created video & image editing software that's found its way to millions of users. I'm currently immersed in AI, and comfortable with tools such as C#, Python, Unreal Engine, Unity, VR, AR, HTML & CSS, Figma, and Adobe products.

Skills: ai c# python HTML & CSS Unreal Engine unity VR AR Figma Adobe products Javascript (manageable) C++ (less preferred) Databases (less preferred)

Juan Manuel Armas (He)

I have done multiple times experience volunteering and also I'm part of several minority groups. I also open to receive some coaching too. My experience is mostly as web and graphic design.

Katie Uvanovic (any)

I can help people out with SQL. I have attended codebar 4 years ago as a learner and now wish to give back.

François Sherwood (he/him)

Ontologist at Amazon Alexa

Skills: python

Javi Merino (he/him/his)

Seems like a nice initiative. Something I could help with and make a difference. I have worked as a software engineer for 13 years, but I have never taught anyone how to code.

Diana Nanuti (she/her/they/them)

I am an enthusiastic Software Development Engineer at AWS, Cambridge and mentoring is one of the most rewarding activities for me, as I experienced growth through this process as well. As hobbies, I enjoy hiking, skiing and swimming.

Lars Finlay (he)

I work at Wonderbly and would like to help coach on the evening we're hosting.

Ao Tong (he)

Hi, I'm a software development engineer focusing on cloud services.

Skills: AWS java python Shell golang

Jake Goldsmith (he/him)

I want to help mentor new coders and will be attending a session in Cambridge as a mentor.

Ferran Puig Martínez (he)

I will like to train someone that has less knowledge than me, because I begun like self-taught and I would like to have someone that could explain me all the things related of a better way. I have been a programmer for 3 years.

Mifu Suzuki

Software Engineer at Amazon.

Alin Peța (He)

Software developer for over 6 years, backend and some frontend. During my career I have met plenty of people who have switched careers into IT and I always like to share their success stories with others in order to help them get the foot in this domain.

Skills: java html css javascript python

Stephen Fulljames (he/him)

Javascript/Typescript/Node engineer. Working at Wonderbly on the creation platform for personalised children's books and the customer experience to order them.

Alvaro Lopez

I am a DevOps Engineer working for a big IT consultancy company with 3 years experience. I have a degree in Computer Science and experience writing code in multiple languages and frameworks.

Vicky Jackson (she/her)


Skills: TypeScript javascript node design testing industry knowledge

Said Abdullahi (he/him/his)

I have 11 years of java experience and worked at financial banks and ecommerce businesses.

Malik Piara (He/him)

A friend of mine recommend me codebar. I'm graduating university this summer and built many things, among them a mentoring platform. My life's mission is to use tech to enable people to be whoever they want to be. Codebar is aligned with that mission :)

Skills: javascript React css frontend development user experience UI Design

Fritz von Scherzer (He/They)

I'd love to get more expertise as a coach. I like teaching new things to people. I have volunteer as a Mentor in the past for people who were learning how to code and were trying to get a new job in tech.

Skills: javascript React TypeScript css

Alisdair Tullo (he/him)

I'm a professional programmer at the University of Edinburgh and part of my job is to teach programming, mostly to beginners. One of the most rewarding experiences of my life in code was as a DjangoGirls coach, so codebar sounds great!

Skills: python java C/C++ bash javascript

Anais Trope (She/her)

I'm a front-end dev at Wonderbly, an independent publishing house. I implement features to improve our user journey + do a lot of R&D to rebuild Wonderbly's website. This has given me a unique perspective on JS frameworks which I would love to share.

matt jones (He/Him)

Makers graduate, front end/backend work, Unity games

Skills: javascript HTML/CSS unity Git github

Thomas Cave

I'm an Site Reliability Engineer so anything DevOps related (infra as code, git, cloud (mainly aws), containerisation, makefile, etc) or coding in Python/Golang backend APIs

Skills: golang python terraform AWS

Olly Marsters (He/him )

Passionate about diversity in tech, I work for Code First Girls, providing women and people who identify as non binary, with free coding lessons. Focused on React, I want to pay others’ help forward and share my passion for coding.

Zainab Ismail

Front-end Developer at Wonderbly. I like to use HTML/CSS/Javascript, ideally I'd feel comfortable coaching on HTML/CSS

Skills: html css React javascript

James Winters (He/Him)

Hello! I am a Software Engineer at IMG Arena. I work with Java and have some experience with Scala and Kotlin too. I am hoping to share my knowledge and help others with solving their coding problems, or just give general advice.

Jenny Sharp (she/her)

I was a secondary computing teacher in the UK. I am happy to volunteer as a coach. I am particularly used to the basics of Python programming & I was a software developer in Delphi (OO Pascal) and Java back in the early 2000s.

Skills: python html

Naomi Li (She)

I’ve been working as engineer using Ruby, Angular, and knew a little bit of Python

Jonathon Harper (He/him)

Currently employed as a senior full stack developer and have been programming for over 15 years. Can help students learn JavaScript and TypeScript plus other associated tools/technologies.

Nandu Rajagopala (He/Him)

I learnt to code at Le Wagon (a coding bootcamp) after dabbling with some no-code tools, primarily because I wanted to build my own company. I'm proficient in Ruby/Rails, HTML, CSS and some JS. I'm learning React.

Skills: rails ruby html css JS

Josh Burke (He/Him/His)

I've worked as a Java Engineer for the last 3 years now so I'll primarily be able to help with that.

Skills: java Git github spring Spring Boot

Ghau Yan Ngae (they)


Skills: java python Shell SQL

Khaled Osman

I'm a self-employed full stack software engineer with 10+ years of experience with a focus on JavaScript/Typescript

Skills: React Angular Vue nodejs NestJS StencilJS MongoDB serverless GraphQL docker AWS javascript TypeScript

Carole Arbogast (she/her)

Hi! I'm a software developer, I've been doing fullstack development for about 5 years. I can help with JavaScript/Typescript, React, NodeJS, MongoDB. I have also done some Python, Django and PostgreSQL, but I am much less comfortable with these.

Jake Smigiel (he/him)

I have been passionate about computers for as long as I can remember, taking apart electronics and coding since I was 8 years old. I love teaching and hope I can help make tech more diverse with codebar!

Skills: python java javascript php SQL node.js React.js html css

Thomas Kenny (he/him/his)

Did Le Wagon bootcamp during covid and am now one of two developers at Tally Workspace. As the more junior dev mean there is no real opportunity for mentoring/developing others and so I'm looking to gain this experience outside of my role.

Skills: Ruby on Rails jQuery javascript html css

Victor Gonzalez

I would like to be a coach on HTML, CSS and Python. I have personal experience on HTML plus some basics on CSS. I have done extensive Python programming through Notebooks. I have created web apps based on React/HTML/CSS and Python/Flask on the server side

Kyle Macquarrie (he/him)

I'm a senior FE developer with 9 years professional experience -- in my current role I don't have much opportunity to coach/mentor juniors but I do enjoy helping people learn.

Nik Paro (he/him)

I figure it's time to give back a bit by helping others get ahead. I'm currently an engineering manager, and primarily focus on frontend development of web applications.

Skills: TypeScript React web

James Barry

Helping individuals grow technically. I've worked in code club, teaching to primary aged children. I've worked in banks, tech companies, and start ups. My expertise is primarily backend engineering (JVM, Java, Scala, Kotlin)

Vikramsingh Rathod

I'm passionate about tech education and fostering inclusivity. With 4 years of tech and management experience, I want to give back through codebar. Eager to learn and make a difference in the industry. Excited to connect and contribute!

Skills: nodejs javascript java postgres SQL AWS kubernetes docker Informatica ETL TypeScript bash

Oliver Dunk

Developer Relations Engineer at Google

Ella Su

I enjoy helping people :) I've mainly been working on mobile applications (iOS, Android), and have recently started working in backend.

Matej Filković (he/him)

Hi, I'm a senior software engineer currently working at Google in London. My aim is to help through coaching.

Skills: javascript TypeScript python golang java

Aman Agrawal (he/him)

I have been a Teaching Assistant in university helping first-year computer science major students with tutorials and introduction to programming. I know C++, Python and Golang

Skills: programming data structures algorithms

Tom Carmichael-Mhanna (he/ him/ his )

i’d like to sign up to coach beginners to coding in the online events. I’ve been coding just under a year- i completed the Harvard CS50x course, and Makers bootcamp. happy to coach students in javascript, ruby and (maybe) python :)

Skills: ruby javascript

Rachael Marshman

Lead Product Manager keen to pay-it-forward and leverage my learning journey to help inspire at Codebar. Won 4/4 hackathons at Avalara and believe in coding's power to transform. Currently driving innovation & exploring AI's potential.

Skills: Prompt engineering ChatGPT Plug-ins Combining media types (image / video / audio)

Ross Condie (he/him)

Open-minded and positive who loves human connections coupled with sleek design, problem solving and learning. I have a creative background in Sound Engineering.

Skills: javascript React HTML5 CSS3 and Tailwind CSS

Sam Edwards (he/him)

Hi there, I'm Sam, a Senior Software Engineer at ITV. I've worked in similar roles at startups, consultancies and Sky UK. I'm a mentor of under-represented cohorts trying to get into tech, one of my mentees told me about codebar - so here I am!

Skills: React javascript TypeScript Koa Express Streaming Team Processes

Kevin Darbin (he/him)

Helping to host event at Hargreaves Lansdown

Matt Bonetti (he/him)

I would like to be a coach, I work at Hargreaves Lansdown and we are hosting a CodeBar on August 22nd

Ollie Atkins (he/him)

Hi there, I'm interested in attending events organised via codebar. I am in my first year as a Junior Software Engineer after graduating from Le Wagon's 9-week coding bootcamp last year.

Ian Shaw

I would be open to mentoring other tech I have experience in such as Python react, next js, mysql etc. I am the sole developer at a fire engineering company and am making a next js fitness leaderboard app in my spare time.

Jordi Navines (he/him)

I am an Engineering Manager at Grabyo. I would like to coach and help other engineers grow their knowledge and confidence.

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