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Pau Torres

Full stack developer

Abul Yousuf (He/him)

Bath Spa University Web Development Bootcamp graduate. I’ve returned to code after many years. Previously I had worked in software development for three years. I would like to help people to learn to code and become a mentor.

Skills: React.js node.js SQL css javascript html

Alberto Fernandez (he)

I work with Perl and as a personal project with Python and Django

Rob Pickering (they/them)

Well aged hacker. Progressed from low level (assembler) through most C like languages (C, C++, bit of Java) to full stack Javascript these days. Node, React with WebRTC are my most familiar environments.

Joana Ferreira (she/her)

Hey, I'm a Software Engineer at Freetrade, happy to help!

Skills: java kotlin python c++ TypeScript

Irufan Ahmed (he/him)

I have 5+ years of experience in scientific software development (mainly Fortran). But I have also used Python and Matlab in the past for a number of projects and I would love to contribute to Python programming.

Skills: Fortran Matlab Git numpy scipy python

Paddy Hamilton

Hello 👋, I am a self taught front end developer working full time for 7 years. I’ve worked at small startups building products from the ground up and large tech unicorns. I’m currently working at Pawprint with Kat Kmiotek. Would like To help people :)

Harry Adams (He/Him)

I would like to both improve my ability to coach others and to create positive learning environments. Skills that I can apply in my professional role

Farah Dianputri (she/her)

Want to improve my learning by teaching Python. I'm part of an algorithms book club where we peer-learn CS fundamentals together.

Skills: python

Matthew Hughes

I have been a software developer for about 5 years now. Though firmly in the backend. I'm happy programming in: * Python (particularly with Django) * Perl * C As well as plenty of experience with git

Kieran McDonald (He/Him)

Front end software engineer from New Zealand. Currently an Engineering Manager on a design system team

Blanc Swan

AI, Deep learning, NLP

Florentin Bekier

iOS developer at Infomaniak

Valentin Perignon (he/him)

iOS developer @ Infomaniak. Work/Study student.

Skills: Swift JS css html

Stephen Neithardt (He/They)

I’m looking to do mostly coaching in order to help get this industry up to parity. Or closer at least... I have a background as a physicist and define myself as feminist in life. I also do lots of creative work outside my job!

Philippe Weidmann

Working as an iOS dev @ Infomaniak Passionate about app development

Anastasiia Tychkova (she/her)

I am a front end dev who has Linguistics BA and has gone through a bootcamp to make a career switch into tech. Knowing how hard it is to understand new concepts in programming, I would like to help people aspiring to be engineers

Thomas Moret

Je suis passionné de technologie depuis longtemps et je fais aussi un peu d'électronique (MicroBit, MSP-430, Raspberry PI). Je suis également membre du Hackerspace de Lausanne.

Skills: Informaticiens & electriciens

Anyul Rivas (He/him)

I've been a mentor in other events, and would like to help people starting to code

Skills: java kotlin css kubernetes docker Ci/CD TypeScript javascript AWS

Ricardo Reves (he)

Je suis actuellement etudiant a l ecole 42 Lausanne, dont la pedagogie est base sur le peer learning, nous sommes a la fois professeur et eleve 😉, vous trouverez mes projets sur et

Skills: nodejs python c c++ php Angular CSS/Sass jQuery TypeScript javascript html

Wisen Tanasa (He/him)

Coaching. I have been professionally coding for 13 years.

Skills: TDD Ci/CD agile TypeScript javascript ruby html React Vue node AWS

Michalis Daniilakis

Cloud-native web applications, AWS, Databases, Java, Python, NodeJS.

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